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Marketing veterans know that getting customers’ attention is challenging. Whether shoppers leave an abandoned cart, visit a website or engage with a brand on social media, savvy marketers look for ways to convert them into customers.
Yet, many marketing tactics aren’t as effective as SMS marketing. The average email open rate is 16.97%, and its click-through rate (CTR) is 10.29%, according to Smart Insights. SMS marketing’s CTR is significantly higher. This strategy can also improve conversion rates, as it can bring consumers back to a site after abandoning a cart or introduce them to new deals. Improved CTRs, open rates and conversion rates can ultimately improve ROI.
Explore nine SMS marketing examples — with templates — that can help marketers build their SMS strategies. Marketing teams can also add emojis to each of these templates to make their messages more eye-catching and engaging for customers.
Organizations can send a welcome message to introduce new SMS subscribers to the business and encourage them to start shopping. This typically includes a teaser of what the new subscriber can expect and a discount code.
A welcome message from a fake, example company — called The Business — could read as follows:
Welcome to The Business, [Customer]!
We’re thrilled to have you as a new member of our community. Get ready for exclusive offers, exciting updates and more! As a thank you for joining, enjoy [discount/offer]. Use code [promo code] on your next purchase. Shop now and discover the [unique features/benefits] that set us apart.
A customer may subscribe to SMS messages from a brand to get alerts about new products or products that are back in stock.
A product alert could read as follows:
Exciting news! Introducing [product], the latest addition to our collection. Discover its amazing features and benefits at [business/website]. Limited stock available, so get yours now!
For subscribers who signed up for text messages to know when a product is back in stock, the alert message could say:
Back in Stock Alert!
Great news! The [product] you’ve been waiting for is back in stock at The Business. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on it. Limited quantities are available, so act fast! Visit [website] or our store at [location] to secure your [product] today. Happy shopping!
Most people love recognition on their birthdays. A short text message with an exclusive birthday offer can resonate with consumers and encourages them to treat themselves. It can also help them feel seen by the business, which can increase customer loyalty.
A birthday message could read as follows:
Happy Birthday, [Customer]!
Wishing you a day filled with joy, laughter and amazing moments. As a token of our appreciation, enjoy [discount/offer] on your next purchase. Visit [website] or our store at [location] and use code [promo code] at checkout. Have a fantastic day and thank you for being a valued community member!
The abandoned cart rate is 69.99%, according to the Baymard Institute. More than half of U.S. shoppers said they left a site because they were browsing and not ready to buy. Yet, sometimes shoppers only need a nudge to return and purchase the items they left.
An example of an abandoned cart reminder that could convert the casual shopper into a customer reads as follows:
Hi [customer]! You finally found what you’ve been searching for! But it won’t last forever. We’ve added a special offer to your first order (expires in 24 hours). Reveal your discount [link to cart] (code: [promo code])
If the company doesn’t want to offer a discount, the text message could read:
Forgot something? You left items in your cart at [website]! Click here [insert link] to return to your cart and complete your purchase. Don’t miss out!
Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations may want to use SMS marketing strategies to increase foot traffic and get customers to visit their physical locations. For example, they could host a special event to encourage customers to come in and shop.
To inform subscribers about the event, the business could send the following text message:
Join us for an unforgettable evening! We’re hosting [event name] on [event date/time] at [location]. We’ll have music, snacks and some exclusive discounts on our latest product line. RSVP by replying ‘YES’ to this message. See you there!
Organizations might notice a shopper hasn’t purchased anything in a while and might want to get on that person’s radar again. To do so, marketers could send a message that incentivizes customers to buy from them again.
That message could read as follows:
We miss you, [Customer]!
It’s been a while since you’ve shopped with us, and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your past support. As a thank you, we’d like to offer you [discount/offer] on your next purchase. Come back and rediscover our latest collection and exciting updates. Visit [website] or our store at [location]. We can’t wait to see you again!
Along the same lines as a dormant customer message, organizations may want to send a text message to customers who buy from them regularly to cement themselves as the customer’s preferred business.
The message could read as follows:
Thank you for being a valued customer! As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering you [discount/offer]. Visit [store location] or use code [promo code] online at [website]. We appreciate your loyalty!
SMS marketing messages can also help cross-sell and upsell to customers. Cross-selling happens when marketers encourage customers to purchase a similar product to another they already purchased, while upselling involves a marketer encouraging customers to purchase a higher-quality — and likely higher-priced — product.
If marketers find a product that would enhance a customer’s past purchase, they could send a message like the following:
Get the perfect pair! Customers who bought [product A] also loved [product B]. As a thank you, we’re offering you [discount/offer] on [product B] when you purchase [product A]. Limited time only! Visit [website] to complete the set today!
SMS marketing messages can also help marketers gather customer feedback. Organizations can ask customers to provide their thoughts directly, or they can link to a review site.
A message asking for feedback directly could read as follows:
We value your opinion! Help us serve you better by providing feedback on your recent purchase. Reply ‘FEEDBACK’ and share your thoughts. Your feedback matters to us!
Marketers should note SMS marketing messages must comply with applicable regulations, like offering subscribers an easy way to opt out when they get tired of texts. Additionally, some customers may be wary if they receive a message with a link from an unfamiliar number, which could seem like a phishing scam. If marketing teams plan to include links in text messages, they should always offer an additional method of engagement.
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