Positive Pay System: New cheque rule for Punjab National Bank customers – Economic Times

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Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs’ Solomon, 61, said he’s not bothered about all the noise, his focus remains on serving clients and the Goldman share price performance.
The merger of HDFC Corp with the country’s largest private lender HDFC Bank will likely take effect July 1, chairman of India’s mortgage-lending pioneer Deepak Parekh said Tuesday. The combined entity will have an asset base of around ₹18 lakh crore, or in excess of $200 billion.
Gautam Adani said the Hindenburg Research report on the Adani Group was a “combination of targeted misinformation and outdated, discredited allegations”. Vested interests used the report to manipulate Adani Group stocks, he said in the annual report of flagship Adani Enterprises released on Tuesday.
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