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Pei is reviewing the phones of its rival brands and in one of the videos, he recommends iPhone 14 Pro as the top high-end smartphone.
In a bold move to promote its products, Nothing, the London-based smartphone brand founded by former OnePlus CEO Carl Pei, has adopted an unconventional marketing strategy.
On Nothing’s official YouTube channel, Pei is seen reviewing competitors, including Apple iPhone 14 Pro, OnePlus 11 and Samsung S23 Ultra. Surprisingly, in one video, Pei recommends iPhone 14 Pro as the top high-end smartphone. It is an unusual approach for the CEO of a rival brand.
In the video, Pei highlights that while the iPhone is a great device, customers seeking more budget-friendly options with top-notch features, should consider Nothing as the second-best alternative. It looks like Pei isn’t just promoting his brand, but also maintaining authenticity in his reviews.
Ahead of the launch of the Nothing Phone 2, Pei is seen reviewing YouTube reviews about the smartphone, taking constructive criticism into account and ensuring that user queries are addressed.
To build anticipation among the customers, Nothing has been releasing videos featuring its manufacturing team explaining the smartphone’s unique features. The team is also seen talking about why it is better than other devices available in the market.
Additionally, the brand is capitalising on the fear of missing out (FOMO) factor by restricting phone purchases to those who possess a pre-order pass, available only to private community members. This tactic helps create buzz and foster a loyal customer community, similar to the approach employed by OnePlus.
For the Indian market, Nothing is playing the influencer marketing card well by enlisting prominent celebrities like Karan Johar, Yuvraj Singh, Ranveer Allahabdia, Jasleen Royal and Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee as investors. The brand can play on the popularity of these figures for the promotions like Pei did in one interview with BeerBiceps (Ranveer Allahabdia).
In an exclusive interview with Tech Today’s Aayush Ailawadi, Pei talked about the significance of the Indian market and the urgency to secure a substantial market share before Apple’s potential dominance. India remains Nothing’s primary focus for selling products, Pei revealed. Nothing also envisions the country as a potential hub for exporting devices, and eventually shifting towards local manufacturing.
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