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The messages also appear to confirm cheating rumors.
Jackelina Bonds. Right: Marshall Glaze hugging Bonds on 'Love Is Blind.'
The next batch of episodes of Love Is Blind's Season 4 came out today, and the cast is stirring the pot off-camera, making fans wonder if they even signed NDAs. Currently, all eyes are on Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze as she appears to have bad-mouthed him in a leaked group chat in the days before their planned wedding.
Bonds was recently spotted at a Seattle Mariners game with costar Josh Demas, despite having chosen Glaze in the pods.
Now, a conversation that appears to be between Bonds and two friends was leaked anonymously last week, appearing to confirm that she and Demas were already together while she was recording the show.
Although the origin and authenticity of the leaked texts are unclear, Bonds has not publicly denied the allegations. Meanwhile, Glaze has responded, seemingly implying he believes them to be real.
The messages seem to show a video of her and Demas with a text that reads, "My baby," dated May 1. The video thumbnail shows Bonds with her tongue near Demas' cheek.
Fans are speculating that she must have been cheating on Marshall Glaze, whom she chose in the experiment and who, at the time, would likely have been her fiancé, as other messages from the leak suggest Bonds and Glaze's wedding date was set for May 10.
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The leaked messages also appear to show Bonds making fun of Glaze's behavior and questioning his sexuality to her friends.

"He's hard," she wrote, "but sometimes he can be .. SWEET," she emphasized in all capital letters. She continued the thread writing, "[I don't] want to hear y'all at my wedding yelling about how he got sugar in his tank either."
According to Urban Dictionary, "sugar in his tank" is a way to suggest someone might be gay or bisexual.
Glaze responded publicly.
"The only 'sugar' I got goes on those f*cking pancakes," he said, presumably referring to a scene in the show where he cooked his ex breakfast.
Now kindly stop tagging me on that video. Thanks ❤️🫶🏽
Glaze published his response on his TikTok and his Instagram story. Bonds has not said anything since.
The last episode will air on April 14, the reunion will air on April 16. It will be Netflix's first-ever live reunion, too, so the tea should be hot.
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