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What does "IKYFL" mean in a text? If you know, then you know that context changes the entire meaning of the acronym. Let's take a closer look.
Apr. 17 2023, Published 1:16 p.m. ET
Another day, another long texting acronym that only makes certain sense depending on the context from the sender of said acronym.
This time, we’re talking about the new popular texting acronym IKYFL.
So what does IKYFL mean in a text message? And why does the meaning change depending on the context?
Here’s everything we know about the meaning of IKYFL in a text message.
So the text IKYFL has two different meanings — the first being “I know you f—ing lying.”
So let’s think of a hypothetical scenario where someone might text this to another person. Perhaps a wife knows her husband is lying when he says he has to stay at work later than planned. So she could ruin his entire day by simply texting him, “IKYFL.”
Or, let’s say a girl and her best friend are texting about the abysmal state of modern dating. One of the girls insists that at least she finally blocked her ex so she could give nicer guys a chance.
So the best friend, who knows better, jokingly texts her friend, “IKYFL,” knowing full well she didn’t actually block her ex.
So IKYFL can be menacing, or a fun way to roast your friends, depending on the context.
The less common way to use IKYFL is with the meaning, “I know you feel like,” which basically means you’d text it to someone who you know wants to see you.
So, let’s say the girl’s ex from the previous scenario texts her, knowing she wants to see him. He’d text her, “IKYFL,” insinuating that he knows she feels like visiting him. (Wait, did this acronym secretly become a code for a booty call?)
However, the “I know you f—ing lying” is the most common way to use the acronym, especially given how that meaning itself can change based on the intent of the sender.
In conclusion, texting class: IKYFL has several different meanings depending on the situation. IYKYK! Class dismissed!
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