Vodafone UK Refreshes Some Pay Monthly Mobile Basics Plans –

Mobile operator Vodafone has had a small refresh of their Basics plans, which are leaner versions of regular Pay Monthly tariffs that also impose some caps and bars to stop you being charged for extra features (e.g. MMS) or calls to premium rate numbers etc. (put another way, you can’t use those).
At present there are only three Basics plans, and they’ve gone through a few changes since the start of this year. For example, back in February 2023 the prices started at £6 per month for 4GB of UK data with unlimited minutes & texts on a 12-month term, then £8 for 20GB and £10 for 40GB.
The latest version of these plans now offer £7 for 6GB, £8 for 25GB and the £10 for 40GB plan remains unchanged.
Basics Plans Exclude or Block Several Features
➤ International calls are not available with Vodafone Basics
➤ Premium calls starting 09, Premium messages, MMS, M-Pay (or mobile payment software), and calls and outgoing messages with adult content are barred
➤ Upgrades aren’t available during your plan, but you can switch to another SIM only or Vodafone Basics plan
➤ Extras aren’t compatible, except for Data, 08 number minute Extras, and Roaming Passes for our Europe Zone
➤ OneNumber connectivity, which enables you to share your phone’s data with your smartwatch and tablet, isn’t compatible with this plan
The 08 numbers extra is not available with basics plans.
The list above is direct from Vodafone’s website.
I have a Basics plan and the 08 extra does not appear in the app or logging in via the site, only data and roaming extras. Attempting to add it results in an sms saying “Thanks for your request for inclusive non-geographic numbers. We’ll take it from here and let you know when it’s been applied” but then a while later another message that it couldn’t be added.
I should clarify because somebody will ask how I tried to add it when it doesn’t appear as an option… I tried to add it by sending NONGEO to 97886.
So they put the price up and give more data, maybe some people would prefer a price drop and less data. This is Vodafone after all.
Plenty of other telcos for that if the person so wishes
@BTMan, well not really, we have a choice of four networks and if Vodafone gets their way 3, all the others are companies buying space on the four networks.
These prices don’t seem very competitive, especially compared to the likes of Smarty, GiffGaff et al… ‍♂️
Contracts direct from the operator never are. Maybe they only want big contracts with companies and leave MVNOs to pick up us consumers.
What’s happening about their takeover of three? any updates does anyone know?
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