VinterActive Introduces AI-Assisted Text Messaging for DTC Wine Marketing –

[Windsor, CA – May 2, 2023] – VinterActive LLC announced today the immediate availability of a new ChatGPT-enabled version of PreferencePro™ SMS Wine Marketing, a revolutionary text messaging solution built for consumer-direct wine merchants.
Powered by SimpleTexting and customized for the wine industry by VinterActive, PreferencePro™ SMS Wine Marketing now features AI Assist. This powerful copywriting tool helps wine merchants quickly create effective text messages by working with ChatGPT.
PreferencePro users can now prompt ChatGPT to compose multiple drafts of text messages written to achieve specific marketing goals. Trained by SimpleTexting on the best practices of SMS messaging, the wine marketing messages recommended by AI Assist can be used as-is or edited at will before launch.
“Building ChatGPT directly into the SMS wine marketing process makes it easier than ever for merchants and consumers to benefit from text messaging,” said Bryan St. Amant, CEO of VinterActive. “With texts outperforming email 35-to-1, SMS wine marketing is a game-changer for DTC brands in 2023. That’s why we’re thrilled to be the first to offer this powerful new tool to our friends in the wine industry.”
To learn more about PreferencePro™ SMS Wine Marketing now featuring AI Assist, visit
Established in 2002, VinterActive LLC pioneered the use of preference-based wine marketing and is a wine industry leader in consumer-direct marketing research and practice.
VinterActive’s award-winning PreferencePro™ automated wine marketing system has sold millions of dollars of wine for large and small wineries nationwide. VinQuest™ Research has helped thousands of wineries profit from the insight needed to maximize DTC sales.

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