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The tech world is bracing for what could be one of the most significant public listings in recent memory. Triller, co-founded by Ryan Kavanaugh and Bobby Sarnevesht, is set to go public in what many industry watchers are hailing as the most anticipated event of 2023. 
Triller’s uniqueness lies in its roots. Contrary to public perception, Triller isn’t just another social media platform. Instead, it’s an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that uses social media as a medium to maximize the utility from its AI. This puts Triller at the forefront of the tech industry, the commanding heights of a rapidly transforming digital world. 
Triller’s AI capabilities are staggering. On average, its AI has a 41.5% engagement rate versus Instagram’s 1.9% for brand posts. The AI’s opt-in rate is 36%, nine times higher than the 4% rate for SMS marketing, currently considered the best. It also has an average message open rate of 85%, dwarfing the 21% average rate of other SMS marketing strategies. Finally, its AI boasts a 24% average click-through rate (CTR), almost 50 times better than the 0.5% average CTR on display ads. 
This doesn’t merely translate to promising numbers. It signifies a fundamental shift in how brands interact with consumers. AI is no longer a futuristic concept, but a living reality transforming business and consumer behavior. 
Triller’s notoriety as a TikTok competitor, coupled with its powerful AI capabilities, has built it into a formidable player in the social media sphere. Its success, however, isn’t confined to one arena. Triller’s versatility, particularly its expansion into the world of combat sports, has proven to be a strategic masterstroke. 
Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), owned by Triller, is officially the fastest-growing combat sport in the world. This venture has allowed Triller to combine its tech expertise with the burgeoning popularity of combat sports to create a unique viewer experience, capitalizing on both the power of its AI and the adrenaline-pumping world of combat sports. 
Fite.TV, another wholly owned company of Triller, further adds to the brand’s strength. As the largest combat sports app with a presence in 6.5 million households and over 2000 events a year, Fite.TV showcases Triller’s innovative approach to content creation and distribution. 
Having raised over $300 million at valuations exceeding $2 billion, Triller’s upcoming public listing on the NYSE is viewed with high expectations. Given its robust AI capabilities, diverse portfolio of brands, and its standing as a credible TikTok competitor, it’s clear why anticipation is sky-high. 
Triller is more than just a company preparing to go public. It’s a symbol of how AI is redefining business strategies, changing the rules of engagement, and providing consumers with a seamless, immersive experience. It stands as a testament to the power of vision, determination, and innovative thinking, demonstrating the enormous potential of AI in shaping the future of tech. 
With a rich history of setting records and making bold moves, Triller now stands on the brink of an exciting future. Its groundbreaking technology, combined with an aggressive and strategic business model, positions it not just as a competitor to tech giants, but as a potential game-changer in the tech industry. 
The world is tuning into Triller’s narrative, told since its inception. As Triller’s Chief Technology Officer, Joseph Smarr, puts it, the company will continue to drive the “convergence of culture, content, and commerce” in the creator economy. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Triller has been at the forefront of fostering this convergence. 
This is only made possible by Triller’s robust AI infrastructure. At its heart, Triller’s AI serves as an invisible hand, guiding and augmenting creators, brands, and audiences’ experiences. In turn, this enables Triller to offer groundbreaking tools for producing, distributing, and monetizing content at an unprecedented scale. 
The Triller technology platform, bolstered by a $300 million investment, equips creators with the tools needed to create compelling content, scale engagement into commerce, and engage audiences at a super-human scale. This means that the interactions happening on the platform are not just substantial but significant, contributing towards a vibrant and active Triller community. 
One can’t help but note the role of Triller’s AI in its success. The AI helps manage audience interactions, analyze and moderate content, facilitate social messaging, and enable e-commerce.  
Triller’s AI also aids in business strategy. Celebrities and brands alike utilize Triller’s AI to boost ticket sales, views, downloads, and awareness. Life coach and business strategist Tony Robbins, for instance, leverages Triller’s AI to drive ticket sales and acquire new customers. 
The technology has shown itself to be mutually beneficial for both content creators and audiences. It fulfills the need for interaction and connection in the digital world, thereby facilitating a more meaningful and engaging digital experience. 
Triller’s growth is also largely due to its versatility. By venturing into combat sports with BKFC and Fite.TV, Triller has made clear its intention to break boundaries and chart new paths. Its success in these fields speaks volumes about its ability to integrate and innovate, an ability that will prove crucial in the era of AI and the creator economy. 
The company’s AI technologies are not just limited to Triller itself but extend to its other offerings, such as Cliqz, Fangage, and Julius. These platforms provide a cloud-based brain that replaces the need for a vast workforce, facilitating authentic engagement at maximum capacity, on message, and at scale. 
In essence, Triller has become an AI-centric tech powerhouse at the heart of the creator economy. It is revolutionizing digital communication by combining human elements with advanced AI. By transforming fans into followers, and followers into highly engaged, responsive partners, Triller stands at the forefront of the AI revolution. 
As Triller prepares to go public on the NYSE, the world watches in anticipation. With its trailblazing AI technology, its pioneering presence in combat sports, and its strategic position as a real alternative to TikTok, Triller is not just poised for success; it’s poised to reshape the tech landscape. 
Triller’s story is an illustration of a small start-up’s journey to becoming a trailblazer in tech. Its roots in AI, its courageous business ventures, and its innovative technology have culminated in a unique company that’s set to leave an indelible mark on the tech industry.  


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