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SMS marketing is a very efficient approach to boost your company’s revenue and drive more traffic to your website or landing page.
Although web apps and platforms are increasingly gaining ground in communication tactics, text messages are still widely used for mobile marketing because of their simplicity of use and high conversion rates.
In this post, we’ll guide you through the world of SMS marketing and teach you how to use a few practical tools that will help you construct your campaigns, manage services, and grow your company. Once you have all the data required to design your messaging plan, you may also consider incorporating it into a larger multi-channel strategy that considers a 360-degree management of every part of the user experience.
What does “SMS marketing” mean? The most simple description is “marketing using brief text messages on mobile,” because, in reality, a communication plan aiming at informing but also retaining the customer can be developed in as few as 160 characters.
Therefore, it serves as a promotional tool that, despite popular belief, still works well in the age of digital media.
What are the benefits of conducting SMS-based mobile marketing, to begin with?
We’ve already mentioned that SMS is a bit outdated today because information now circulates endlessly between social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.
Since information can often overwhelm us, it paradoxically makes communication less effective, which is part of the issue with this new kind of communication.
How often have you thought, “This advertising is too intrusive; it irritates me”?
And now we have the trusted and comforting SMS, a text message that is precise and, above all, simple.
Speed and personalization: Since the text message is brief and sent right to the recipient’s phone, it is much more appreciated than the intrusive ad.
It is simple to configure and highly effective for luring new clients through segmentation work, especially when used in combination with emails.
Excellent engagement rate: Because it is quiet, dependable, and deviates from the hyper-speed logic of the web, users interact with it more calmly, which results in a very high engagement rate. The open rate for SMS is 98%, as opposed to 50% for mobile emails.
Simple setup and management, low cost, and straightforward traceability are all advantages of mobile marketing via SMS.
There are many platforms available for the secure use and management of campaigns and for the gathering of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and personal data helpful for Google Analytics to track the advancement of campaigns in real time.
As already indicated, a more comprehensive multi-channel digital approach can make mobile SMS marketing even more effective.
Short text message content has a lot of flexibility and can be highly creative in how it engages the consumer. It is feasible to include surveys, interactive games, calls to action, and help services in 160 official characters. Plivo’s Short Codes for SMS Messaging will help you to improve and create the best customer care experience.
SMS marketing can be used to steer users in the direction of other customer experience touchpoints, such as luring them to physical stores, product landing pages, or your company’s website or blog.
The statistics surrounding SMS marketing in general are exceptional. The domestic utilities (water, garbage collection, electricity, and gas), banking, e-commerce, the entire fashion industry, and the telecommunications sector stand out among the most active corporations that use SMS marketing as a way to inform their users and customers. The most recent studies show that over 70% of the population uses mobile devices daily for about two hours, with more than 75% primarily using them to conduct informational searches, make purchases, and get in touch with businesses.
With this information, we can see why mobile SMS marketing might be an effective strategy when we consider that there are such a large number of people using mobile phones daily. It is the best way to get to them, inform them, and not be too intrusive at the same time. Because if you are being too pushy and the customers start feeling overwhelmed, they will avoid your business.

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