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Larger businesses face challenges communicating with and engaging customers effectively while facilitating cross-department collaboration. Textline is a secure business texting service that aims to solve these problems with robust business communication features, automations and controls. The solution is easy to use and can improve communication and customer support while enhancing your business’s marketing efforts. Notably, Textline’s data security focus is unmatched among rivals. It includes built-in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance and is the only Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-accredited text messaging system on the market. 
Textline is our choice for the best text message marketing service for larger businesses. Its features help big companies communicate more personally with customers and team members. Textline is also the only HIPAA-accredited text messaging platform.
Ease of use
Customer service
When businesses get bigger, their communication needs grow more complicated. Textline was built specifically to address the unique needs of larger businesses with more complex corporate structures. For example, we like that Textline lets users create specific departmental groups like Sales and Customer Service and geographical divisions like the West Coast. This department-communication setup helps businesses streamline messaging to relevant team members only and avoid information overload for everyone else. 
Textline also helps with the collaboration challenges big businesses face. For example, we appreciated its Whispers function, which allows team members to add internal notes to a live chat without alerting the customer. Additionally, Textline’s Assignments feature uses tags to ensure the right person handles a specific customer conversation. Tags also come in handy when running text message marketing campaigns. You can label customers based on product interest, location or signup date.
This user-friendly and intuitive platform helps you quickly add custom workflows like scheduled messaging. Its security focus also impressed us: Textline is compliant with CCPA and GDPR. It is also fully HIPAA-compliant.
For all these reasons and more, Textline is our choice for the best text messaging platform for larger businesses.
Even in the age of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, businesses still value short message service (SMS) business messaging. Not every phone has specific messaging apps but SMS is ubiquitous.
Textline is a browser-based app; you won’t have to download software to your desktop. We like its sleek, minimalist layout that makes accessing the functions and features you need easy. For example, the main menu bar includes the following options:
Managers and reps can switch between departments and teams easily. We were pleased to see that Textline’s interface is consistent across roles, so managers can assist team members without additional training.
Textline’s Chrome plugin is a standout ease-of-use feature that allows in-browser messaging without switching back to the dashboard. This plugin is handy for sales reps conducting research while texting a client.
Textline dashboard
The intuitive, clean Textline dashboard groups crucial features at the top for easy access. Source: Textline
Textline has an impressive array of features, including the following.
Textline’s “departments” structure facilitates team-level communication by letting you designate and communicate with separate entities in the business. For example, if you have sales, customer support and servicing teams at multiple locations, you can create departments like Wyoming Sales, Connecticut Support and Boston Service Team. (Employees can be members of more than one department.)
Each department functions as a unique group with specific contact details and even a dedicated Facebook page. This compartmentalized setup keeps things tidy and makes identifying the right personnel for specific tasks easier. 
Textline’s sister app, Textedly, is designed for small and medium-sized businesses with essentially flat structures and limited customers. Check out our review of Textedly if you have a smaller business with less complicated communication needs.
Textline manager view of department members
Textline makes it easy for managers to access various department members. Source: Textline
We were impressed by Textline’s focus on data protection, especially its Sensitive Data Redaction feature. This function automatically obscures private data, making it accessible only to authorized team members. This added security layer is indispensable for companies dealing with confidential data.
Other security features include the following: 
Textline’s focus on healthcare data protection is also noteworthy. It offers comprehensive HIPAA-compliant texting plans that cover everything from patient consent to secure data storage. 
Textline security credentials
Textline’s robust security credentials include being SOC 2 Type 2-compliant. Source: Textline
Textline has two standout collaboration tools: 
Textline Whisper feature
Textline’s Whisper feature lets you loop in colleagues to provide direction and advice. Source: Textline
Business text messages can increase sales by engaging with leads, re-engaging older prospects, reducing appointment no-shows and qualifying leads before assigning a salesperson.
Shortcuts and workflow automations are a core element of the Textline service, helping users save time and respond more quickly to client and co-worker requests.
Notable examples include the following: 
We like that Textline makes it easy for managers and company leaders to monitor conversation activity and other metrics, including the following: 
Textline’s Unified Inbox gathers conversations from different departments and platforms, including Facebook Business and Instagram, giving a broader conversation overview. Admins can set visibility permissions.
Textline’s customer communication tools impressed us. Features include the following: 
Textline announcements
Textline lets users send “announcements” or mass text messages to specific groups. Source: Textline
Each Textline service level includes a wide range of features, including announcements, conversation history, automations, message templates, automatic responses and the ability to track and analyze metrics.
The current subscription levels are as follows:
Monthly price
Cost per additional agent
$59.97 for three agents
Includes the basic features listed above, plus the ability to add one department and a 90-day conversation history.
$89.97 for three agents
Includes everything in Limited, plus:
$249.95 for five agents
Includes everything in Standard, plus: 
Messaging costs and industry fees are not included in the price. Industry fees cover, for example, short codes, which can cost between $1,000 and $1,500 per month.
Textline plans
Textline’s higher-tier plans include access to standard and specialized integrations. Source: Textline
We were happy to see that setting up Textline is straightforward:
If you prefer to use existing phone numbers, Textline can help you text-enable them. It can also add SMS functionality to your landline numbers. 
Textline’s customer service team is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time. You can open a support request ticket and send a text message, but we were disappointed that there’s no option to call an agent if you need technical support. It does provide a phone number for billing issues. Customers on the Standard and Pro plans benefit from priority support and a dedicated Success Manager.
We like Textline’s extensive online knowledge base. There are 230 preanswered questions to search through, many of which give easy and clear step-by-step instructions on operating the platform. Twenty-seven helpful video tutorials cover everything from integrations to tagging contacts.
Textline has many excellent upsides, but we did identify some limitations: 
We analyzed and evaluated multiple text messaging services to identify the best solutions available. Our in-depth review process included evaluating each solution’s ease of use, features, pricing, customer support and integrations. When looking for the best text messaging service for larger businesses specifically, we prioritized customer and in-house communication tools, managerial controls, collaboration functions and security. 
Yes. Textline’s Standard and Pro service plans are fully HIPAA-compliant business texting solutions. The vendor’s HIPAA compliance covers patient consent and secure data storage. In 2021, the company even patented its HIPAA Contact Consent feature, giving healthcare businesses peace of mind when sending messages to patients and service users. 
To use Textline, open the platform and go to your Unified Inbox to see all departmental and customer conversations. If you want to send a bulk text message campaign, use the Announcements feature. To consult with colleagues on live calls without the customer seeing, use the Whispers function. Other Textline functions are listed at the top of your dashboard.
Yes. Textline has iOS and Android mobile apps that sync with its web service, allowing users to manage multiple departmental phone numbers, engage in team-based texting and assign conversations. The app incorporates Whispers for conversation notes, Shortcuts for quick text templates and real-time notifications. Users can also schedule messages, integrate Facebook Messenger and connect with platforms like Zendesk and Slack.
We recommend Textline for …
We don’t recommend Textline for …
Textline is our choice for the best text message marketing service for larger businesses. Its features help big companies communicate more personally with customers and team members. Textline is also the only HIPAA-accredited text messaging platform.
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