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Kyrios Systems’ updates come as social media platforms are expected to increasingly transform into social CRM tools in 2023 and onwards. As CRM systems become better able to integrate with these platforms, they will provide valuable insights into online tech businesses and their markets.
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Kyrios Systems’ recently revised CRM software can help tech businesses in several ways. Their sales and marketing teams can use it to organize their customer and prospect information through contact tracking, conduct market segmentation with smart lists, and customize their CRM fields for their business’s needs.
While Kyrios’ CRM software can help tech businesses organize and analyze their customer and prospect information, its funnel builder can help them capture and stay in touch with leads and customers throughout the buying cycle. As such, they will be able to capture leads for follow-up, deliver on their promises to keep leads warm, and close deals with customers.
The company’s marketing platform can smooth out other aspects of business operations with workflow automation. The platform can automate most follow-up processes with prospects, simplify internal team interactions, and manage project management tasks by creating simple recurring reminders.
Other platform features include a universal inbox, call tracking, a website builder, custom form and survey creation, calendar scheduling, a sales tracker, email and SMS marketing, webchat, a social planner, and integrated payments.
Kyrios Systems wants to help businesses more quickly and easily engage with their customers and prospects, and to improve their overall customer experience. Their all-in-one marketing platform includes features for lead generation, customer communication, reputation management, business automation, and more. So far, they have nearly 4,400 satisfied customers whom they have helped complete over 28,000 successful projects, with a 24% average conversion rate.
One satisfied customer said: “I love this system because it has made my business more efficient. I love having the ability to have everything in one place. The customer service behind it is superb – everyone is friendly and very quick to respond whenever I have questions in regard to the software. Every business should own this software.”
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