Rumored reveal of documents in UFC lawsuit will expose MMA managers for hurting fighters' interests to line their pockets, says lawyer Erik Magraken – Sportskeeda

In the UFC, a proficient manager serves as a crucial ally, adept at steering negotiations, navigating intricate contract details, and helping foster a prosperous career through a fighter’s competitive endeavors.
These multifaceted services come at a cost, with fighters relinquishing a portion of their earnings, typically ranging from 5 to over 25 percent (depending on the manager) as compensation for representation. Furthermore, according to a report by The Atheltic, manager-drawn sponsorship deals often entail a 20 percent slice.
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Unfortunately, the shadow of the “dirty manager” concept has loomed over combat sports for as long as athletes have sought guidance. This concept, treading the thin line of safeguarding athletes’ interests, has witnessed deterioration in numerous fighter-manager partnerships over the years.
Moreover, recent revelations from fighters like UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley have spotlighted allegedly unjust manager practices, shedding light on persisting issues within the sport.
Combat Sports regulatory lawyer Erik Magraken, who has been shedding light on the ongoing lawsuit by over 1200 MMA fighters against the Ultimate Fighting Championship, claimed to lift the veil on documents that will expose MMA managers for hurting fighters’ interests to line their pockets. According to Magraken:
Magraken added:
Catch Erik Magraken’s comments below:
UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley has taken a stand against the alleged unfair practices of MMA managers. O’Malley, who has been self-managing his career since July last year, claims that many managers extract substantial portions of fighters’ earnings without providing commensurate value.
O’Malley emphasized his commitment to ensuring legal compliance before proceeding with his revelations. He disclosed concerns over managers even seeking a percentage from fighters’ bonuses, calling attention to what he perceives as a pervasive issue within the industry.
Speaking in an interview with Aaron Bronsteter of TSN, O’Malley stated:
Catch O’Malley’s comments below:
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