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 Starting on July 10, 2023, members of the public may receive automated text messages from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) through a new engagement tool it has implemented. The OPP has carefully curated a limited list of event types that are eligible for messages to be sent through the tool, the majority of which are events reported after the fact and events where no suspects are present.
When someone contacts the OPP through an SMS-enabled device, and their call is categorized as one of these eligible event types, the following sequence will occur:
The information collected through the automated surveys will be used to assist the OPP in identifying opportunities to better serve the public and protect the citizens of Ontario.
Messages will be available in both English and French, and recipients can easily opt out of receiving any additional texts from the system.
For more information on the new technology tool, please visit Please see the attached for an example of the messaging that may be sent to callers.
If a member of the public is concerned that they have received a fraudulent message, they should please contact the OPP’s non-emergency line (1-888-310-1122).
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Alan Perry says

I have appsalutely no trust in the OPP especially Huntsville. They have ruined my life with their ignorance and dishonesty so don’t bother calling me .😡NOT GUILTY
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