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NTSCOM expands International Calling Plans Globally
NTSCOM announced today that it has chosen to provide Universal Calling Plans from NTT Ltd., a leading IT infrastructure and services company, to over 50 countries globally.
This will expand the ability of NTSCOM to meet the growing demand for UCaaS calling plans throughout the world, while also allowing access to these plans to the rapidly growing iPILOT Value Added Reseller and Agent markets.
NTSCOM is a Master Service Provider, Global telecom service provider and Master Agent of NUWAVE Communications’ iPILOT, the award winning UCaaS provisioning, management and enablement tool. NTSCOM provides support, provisioning, troubleshooting, on site services, and onboarding to companies all over the world. This partnership will enable NTSCOM, as well as NUWAVE’s entire iPILOT Value Added Reseller and Agent market to expand calling plan offerings to over 50 countries globally.
With this expansion NTSCOM will provide greater access to affordable and reliable calling plans and international calling services to more customers worldwide, reinforcing its commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. This creates true unlimited calling plans to these countries that have not yet been reached before, giving the opportunity to more individuals and companies across the globe.
iPILOT offers a cloud platform as a service (CPaaS) to support many different cloud-based work environment needs such as migration, provisioning, deployment, capacity management, MACD, support, analytics, and integrations. This addition will allow new customers to enhance their calling plan options, devices, and integration with a magnitude of cloud based platforms and applications. iPILOT’s automation and simplicity allows customers to be up and running with full calling capabilities in minutes. It automates Microsoft Teams’ Direct Routing and Operator Connect. It is an all-in-one solution for carrier hosted SBCs, on-premises SIP trunks, or bring your own SBCs, carriers, and operators.
Charlie Doubek, VP Managed Collaboration, NTT Ltd. :
"We are happy to be expanding the options for international calling plans with NTSCOM globally. This is making it easier for customers to stay connected with colleagues not only locally at high performance rates but across the world. This move comes as part of NTT Ltd.’s ongoing commitment to providing reliable and affordable communication services to its customers,” said Charlie Doubek VP Managed Collaboration NTT Ltd. “With this expansion, NTT Ltd. will be able to offer its customers more options when it comes to making international calls.”
Aaron Barnes, NTSCOM CEO:
"We are thrilled to announce our additions to our international calling plans and to be working with NTT Ltd., a global leader in telecommunications services. This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds – NTSCOM's expertise in delivering innovative and automated solutions and NTT Ltd.’s unparalleled global network and advanced technologies. With this powerful team and support, we are poised to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape, providing our customers with unmatched connectivity, reliability, and innovation. Together, we are committed to driving digital transformation and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age."
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NTSCOM was established in 1988, and now with over 200+ employees nationally and the #1 MSP for iPILOT. NTSCOM provides strategic consulting technology services and managed services to commercial, not-for-profit, and government organizations. NTSCOM is a global communication service provider.
As a Microsoft Operator Connect partner, NTSCOM has over 20 years of experience in the carrier industry. Together with iPILOT, NTSCOM automates both Direct Routing and Operator Connect capabilities for carrier-hosted session boarder controllers (SBCs), on-premises SIP trunks, or bring-your-own SBCs, carriers, and operators.
Together with its subsidiaries and partners, NTSCOM operates as an Integrated Communications Service Provider. They provide a range of communications services for a variety of business telecom channels.
NTSCOM's services include Local and Long distance, Toll-Free, SMS / MMS, Voice, Internet access, Broadband and our first in class provisioning tool, iPILOT.
NTSCOM is headquartered in Las Vegas, services are delivered across the United States, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia via their vast cloud network. In addition, they offer termination and origination, International Termination, local and long-distance voice telephone services.
About NTT Ltd.
As part of NTT DATA, a USD 30 billion IT services provider, NTT Ltd. is a leading IT infrastructure and services company serving 65% of the Fortune Global 500 and more than 75% of the Fortune Global 100. We lay the foundation for organizations’ edge-to-cloud networking ecosystem, simplify the complexity of their workloads across multicloud environments, and innovate at the edge of their IT environments where networks, cloud and applications converge. We offer tailored infrastructure and ensure consistent best practices in design and operations across all of our secure, scalable and customizable data centers. On the journey towards a software-defined future, we support organizations with our platform-delivered infrastructure services. We enable a connected future.
Visit us at
NUWAVE is a unique platform provider and cloud carrier-grade voice service provider. The company’s iPILOT cloud-based platform delivers powerful provisioning and lifecycle management for Microsoft voice and Zoom phone users.
NUWAVE Communications has a robust Partner Enablement Program, Platform, and Services offerings empowering our strategic partner NTSCOM to deploy, manage, and support both regional and global clients. It is through the help of their partners that NUWAVE is working to create a truly unified, all-in-one voice market solution.
NTSCOM Media Inquiries
Contact Name: Ashley Donahue
Partner: NTSCOM
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 725-228-9765
NTT LTD Media Inquiries
Name: Hannah Lock
Partner: Hotwire for NTT Ltd.
Email: [email protected]
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