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La-Z-Boy in Monroe has launched a new integrated marketing platform based on the concept of reclaiming the word “lazy” and helping the company’s customers enjoy feet-up moments of relaxation.
The “Long Live the Lazy” platform focuses on the idea of comfort. A new national advertising campaign will begin airing this week through broadcast, digital, streaming services, social media, and mobile gaming, and will feature a distinct shift in focus and tone from the company’s previous campaigns.
“Our ‘Long Live the Lazy’ platform reflects the reality that everyone occasionally needs the time and space to power down, kick up their feet, and make comfort their top priority,” says Christy Hoskins, vice president and chief marketing officer for La-Z-Boy. “As La-Z-Boy continues to evolve, we are doubling down on designing the most comfortable furniture available so people can make the most of the lazy moments they rightfully deserve.”
The campaign includes a 30-second spot titled “We the Lazy” that highlights the comfort of La-Z-Boy furniture during moments when it’s most satisfying.
The spot features a diverse cast of characters enjoying what is meant to be true relaxation, while professing their commitment to indulging in moments of laziness in the comfort of their La-Z-Boy furniture.
For example, in the opening sequence of the spot, a man declares from the coziness of his La-Z-Boy recliner, “We’re standing up for our right to be lazy,” to which a middle-aged couple adds, “By sitting down and reclining back.”
The “Long Live the Lazy” platform will feature an updated brand identity, including new branding elements, designed to convey comfort and the brand’s motion furniture.
The new platform also will promote La-Z-Boy’s new chair, The Decliner, an AI-powered recliner prototype from La-Z-Boy that allows the owner to generate a cancellation excuse via SMS text simply by pulling its handle.
“La-Z-Boy is focused on reaching a broader set of customers by showing we understand the role our transformational comfort plays in their day-to-day lives,” says Hoskins. “As a result, the brand will show up in places it never has before, including sports networks, streaming music and mobile gaming, all of which perfectly complement moments of laziness.”
The “Long Live the Lazy” platform was developed by Santa Monica-based advertising and marketing agency RPA. The Decliner consumer activation and updated branding elements were developed by Minneapolis creative agency Colle McVoy and its boutique public relations and design agencies, Exponent and 10 Thousand Design.
Three Decliners are available exclusively through an online contest seeking the most creative cancellation excuses used to embrace the joy of missing out. Entries can be submitted on; via social media by tagging @Lazboy and including the hashtags #LongLiveTheLazy and #contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok; and by posting on La-Z-Boy social media posts about the contest. The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 11. Maximum of one entry per person per day, regardless of method of entry. Each submission must be unique.
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