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Throughout Sunday night, firefighters have been fighting 82 wildfires across Greece, 64 of which broke out on Sunday.
Tour operators have also been working hard as they flew countless holidaymakers home on Monday as the fires raged through the Greek islands.
According to local news station Ellada 24, this is the country’s largest ever fire evacuation operation, with more than 19,000 people being removed from Rhodes.
On Sunday, evacuation orders were issued for Corfu as a result of fires that started in the north-east of the island.
According to the most recent Foreign Office advice, you should check with your travel agent or hotel before travelling if you have any plans to visit any parts of Greece that are experiencing wildfires.
The Foreign Office said: “There are a number of active wildfires in Greece due to the dry and hot weather. Wildfires are highly dangerous and unpredictable.
“If you are planning to travel to any areas affected by wildfires, please check with your travel operator or hotel prior to travel that the area you plan to visit [is safe].
“The situation can change quickly, so you should stay up to date with official advice, follow 112 Greece on Twitter for official updates (you may need to translate the tweets to English). Ensure emergency alerts are enabled on your phone to receive SMS updates from the Greek Civil Protection.”
The Greek government has set up a crisis management unit to support people in Rhodes. Contact staff at +30 210 368 1730 or dial +44 20 7008 5000 for round-the-clock British consulate help.
Jet2 and Tui have cancelled all flights and holidays to Rhodes up to and including Sunday July 30. Several travel agencies and airlines are now cancelling flights to Rhodes.
There is no assurance that you will receive your money refunded if you decide not to travel unless the Foreign Office advises you to do so or the airline or tour operator cancels your trip.
Most insurance policy claims only cover trip cancellations in specific situations, such illness, a death in the family or an unusually long delay to a flight taking off.
Additionally, airlines are not obligated to reimburse you if you cancel a trip because of unavoidable circumstances.
That said, you might be eligible to request a refund under the provisions of your insurance coverage if you have a pre-existing medical condition and visiting Greece could pose a health risk.
As a result of the temperatures, some travel industry professionals have speculated that airlines would provide some compensation.
Rhodes is the largest island affected by the fires and 19,000 residents have been evacuated.
As well as Rhodes, Corfu is suffering from wildfires. Follow local officials' instructions about when to evacuate if you are on vacation in Corfu. Call your hotel or a travel agent if you are not sure if you are affected.
There are also wildfires on Evia and Kos. The southern portion of Evia has been badly affected and five villages, Livadi, Potami, Pernaraki, Platanistos and Kastro, are particularly dangerous.


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