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Email marketing provider Intuit Mailchimp has announced over 150 new or updated features to its platform, including SMS marketing and AI content-writing capabilities. Some of the tools are still in beta. 
The offerings also include custom reporting and analytics, advanced segmentation, ecommerce automations, customer journeys for Shopify merchants, enhanced support options, and updates to Mailchimp’s Standard plan. 
The new features are designed to “help our customers save time and accelerate growth,” says Rania Succar, CEO, Intuit Mailchimp. 
PERC Coffee was part of Mailchimp’s beta test group for SMS. For a dedicated SMS campaign sent with Mailchimp to push out a call for sign-ups ahead of a flash sale, over 100 people were added to its SMS audience in a few days, said Alan Fischer, PERC’s co-owner. He added that the firm saw a 50% click rate on the flash-sale message while for the audience clicking on the clicked the link, a 91% conversion rate was achieved.
Intuit Mailchimp is also providing these capabilities:
In another change, clients can create e-commerce automations with 24 new starting points via Customer Journey Builder and Pre-built Journeys. These include the ability to connect webhooks and send an SMS message from third-party apps via webhooks.
In addition, Mailchimp clients can utilize 12 new Shopify starting points via the Customer Journey Builder and Pre-Built Journeys based on shopping activity.
Mailchimp has updated its Standard plan to give marketers access to multivariate testing, comparative reporting, and advanced segmentation, features that were previously only available to Premium customers.


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