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June 14, 2023 | 6 min read
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The campaign won in the ‘Brilliant Use of Search’ category at The Drum Awards for Marketing Americas 2023.
NoGood, a growth marketing agency specializing in B2B, SaaS and e-commerce, decided to incorporate TikTok SEO into its search strategy in order to target social media-savvy Gen Z (40% of the age group now prefers to search with TikTok and Instagram over Google).
That very decision helped 140 of NoGood’s articles rank first on Google search engine results pages (SERP), grow its TikTok following by 108% in a little over a year and helped the agency bring home the Brilliant Use of Search award at The Drum Awards for Marketing Americas 2023.
When marketers think of search, they often think of optimizing content for the Google SERP to increase organic traffic to the site. However, today’s search landscape looks markedly different; nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers to search for answers with TikTok and Instagram rather than Google, according to Google’s internal data.
Given the changes happening in today’s search behaviors, NoGood sought to innovate a two-pronged approach incorporating both Google and TikTok SEO into its overall search goals. On NoGood’s TikTok account, it aimed to increase brand awareness and establish authority in the growth marketing space. On the blog side, meanwhile, the agency focused on content creation demonstrating marketing expertise and establishing authority in the marketing agency space.
As TikTok continues to grow its search engine capabilities, NoGood recognized the importance of including highly relevant keywords in its TikTok content, whether it be in the caption or in-video text or hashtags, to maximize its opportunities to rank and drive organic traffic. In essence, NoGood would leverage TikTok SEO to supplement its Google SEO efforts.
TikTok content ranged from educational brand breakdowns to timely reactive responses and evergreen marketing tips, positioning the agency as a best-in-class team of growth experts that have both the knowledge and the resources needed to help its clients achieve their goals.
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From the Google SEO side, NoGood created the NoGood blog, which features articles covering a variety of topics, ranging from email marketing to TikTok strategy, as well as a range of diverse industries, including healthcare, crypto and SaaS. In total, the blog has nine topic clusters that correspond to the agency’s service offerings: SEM/PPC, social ads, CRO, SEO, content marketing, performance branding, email marketing, video marketing and SMS marketing. This structure allows the team to showcase their expertise in various service areas, while also improving the website’s ranking through logical webs of internal links.
A key part of the blog approach is constant refinement and updating of legacy blog content, to make sure that the agency stays relevant and maintain a high organic SERP ranking, even as the industry changes and evolves over time.
Following its search efforts, NoGood had 140 articles ranking as the number one spot on the SERP for the relevant targeted keyword and its content consistently appeared among the top-ranking videos for targeted keywords on TikTok.
For example, NoGood holds the top spot on the TikTok search results page for key marketing terms and topics such as ’marketing CAC’, ’marketing tools’ and ’marketing logo fonts’. Its brand analysis videos also rank top for brands such as Supergoop, Reformation, Beis and Haus Labs.
NoGood also grew its TikTok following by 108%, from 65,200 followers on January 1, 2022, to 135,700 followers in March 2023.
In addition, the agency’s continued SEO efforts have doubled its quarterly site traffic from Q4 of 2021 to Q3 of 2022. Nearly 80% of its site traffic comes from organic search, proving the blog to be a crucial part of NoGood’s holistic brand awareness and business development.
This campaign won at The Drum Awards for Marketing Americas 2023. Find out more about The Drum’s Global Awards program or head to our case studies hub to read more award-winning stories.
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