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If your iMessage was a big mistake, there are ways to unsend that text. Here’s how
We've all sent messages and suddenly realized, "Ahhh! I need to take that back!" From disastrous autocorrects to heat-of-the-moment misfires and shooting a message to the wrong person, our texts sometimes need a redo button.
The good news is that technology has become pretty good at giving us second chances. Gmail, for example, gives you several seconds to take back a sent email before it's gone for good. Likewise, under the right circumstances, Apple allows you to take back iMessages you accidentally sent too soon. Everyone with an Apple device like an iPhone, Mac, iPad, or anything that uses iMessage should know how to do this. Here are the steps you'll follow and how this option works with Android phones.
Keep these steps in mind the next time you send messages on your iPhone. As always, update iOS to the latest version to make sure you have all the capabilities. Apple added these features in late 2022, so most iPhone users probably have it by now, but it's always a good idea to check. Make sure you have at least iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 before beginning.
Quite a bit, it turns out. This feature has several limitations. First, the message sends immediately and appears on the other phone. In the two-minute window, the other person has a good chance of seeing the message before you unsend it, especially if they are following your conversation or the new message shows up as a notification on the lock screen.
Second, if you unsend a text message, the other person receives a notification that a message was previously there but was removed by the other user, which could lead to some questions. If you edit messages quickly, the other person sees a note that the message was edited, and they can access the previous version of the message to review your edit history. That might ruin the point of the edits you make.
Third, this only applies to iOS 16 or later. If users run an older version of iOS, these steps don't work correctly. The message doesn't unsend, so users can still see it. If you edit a message, the original message stays, and the edited version appears afterward.
No. The ability to unsend messages only works if both parties use the updated version of iMessage. Standard SMS doesn't support this unsend feature, so the message still shows up no matter what you do on your end. This is true no matter what kind of SMS app you use on Android.
Android users can use iMessage via third-party apps like Beeper and AirMessage. While these support iMessage texts, we can't guarantee they'll support all features, and that's especially true of the unsend option. One spot of bright news. iMessage gives you a notification that your unsend efforts may not work if you try it on another SMS messages platform.
Now that you know what to do, you're ready to unsend at a moment's notice. We also mentioned the important caveats that could allow others to see a message you want to unsend, so you're ready for that. Keep your iPhone updated, and remember this easy trick to save yourself from embarrassing text snafus.
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