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Here’s how to keep your SMS inbox tidy by marking individual conversations or all of your messages as read.
If you like to keep your SMS inbox clean and organized, then you know how important it is to keep track of your unread messages.
Fortunately, Google Messages provides two ways to mark your messages as read. You can either do it individually, or wipe the slate clean by marking all messages as read in one go. Let's take a look at both options.
Of course, the primary way to mark a message as read is to actually read it. Like any other app, opening a conversation in Google Messages and scrolling down to the last message will mark it as read.
However, you don't need to read all your messages, especially if they're marketing or other unwanted things. If you want to mark more than one conversation as read, you can select them and then mark them all as read with one move.
There you have it. This will mark all the selected conversations as read. You can also do this with individual messages.
Selecting multiple conversations and marking them as read is more convenient than opening them one by one; however, if you've got too many unread conversations, even that becomes a chore.
You probably noticed that when selecting multiple conversations, Google Messages doesn't provide you with an option to select all conversations.
This doesn't mean that you have to manually go through all your conversations to dig out the unread ones. Google Messages has a dedicated feature just for this purpose.
That's it! No more unread messages in your inbox. You can use this feature on your smartphone only, as it's not available on Google Messages for web.
An organized inbox helps you stay on top of your conversations and prevents important messages from slipping through the cracks. Google Messages offers the option to select multiple conversations and mark them as read, as well as the option to mark every conversation as read.
Marking messages as read is just one of the many features that can help you organize your inbox. Google Messages has many other valuable features, some of which you probably don't know.
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