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The iPhone and its security concerns are closely interrelated. Apple company serves a better private and secure life compared to the competition. Nevertheless, there are less appropriate ways to identify whether you are blocked. This concerns iOS users about the blocking or unblocking state of their number or iPhone. They don’t know whether the opposite party has blocked him or if the case is something different.
A user is confused whenever he doesn’t receive an instant reply from a known person. They start to suspect the respective person might have blocked them. But, apart from blocking, multiple things restrict the person from replying or calling you on your iPhone number.
Nonetheless, in this article, we will discuss some ways to understand whether you are blocked. So, if you want to know how to identify the cause, be connected with us. So, without waiting any further, let’s get started!
There are several reasons behind the person not acknowledging your text messages or not responding to your calls. They can be unavailable currently, out of network, or have enabled their device’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature. They might be engaged in important work and unable to respond to you or your message.
Another significant reason can be that the specific person might have blocked you or your number, and you cannot identify it. But don’t worry; we have covered some effective ways below to help you identify the person’s step up.
Starting with iOS 16.5, the company has implemented some changes to identify the reason behind your blocking state. Apart from the iPhone number, we will also discuss how to know if someone blocked you on the iMessage app.
First and foremost, call the specific person. This is the best practice to understand if someone has blocked your number on your iPhone. If the dialled number directly turns back to voicemail with less than a single ring, it is a sign that the opposite party probably blocks your number.
If you have been blocked, it will appear in the Blocked Messages category even if you try to send a message. However, receiving voicemail without even one ring doesn’t mean you are blocked solely; the person might have switched OFF their device, or the network service is likely disabled because of no recharge.
calls page
Secondly, try to hide your Caller ID by dialling *67. This process will hide your ID, and the opposite party will not be able to know that you are calling them. The screen will show “No Caller ID” or something similar. However, some carriers don’t allow hiding the ID, so it may not work with them.
The best practice here is to call from another person’s smartphone. If the caller ID is hidden and the call is not redirected to voicemail, the respective person has blocked your number. We do not recommend trying this method until it’s an emergency, as privacy concerns exist.
Hide your Caller ID
Check out the delivery notification below the last message you sent on iMessage. If someone has blocked you, you will not see “Delivered” (blue text bubbles) beneath the most recent text. It is important to note that this method entirely depends on your iPhone software version.
If you have updated to iOS 16.5 or later, understand that you will still see a “Delivered” notification below your last sent message, irrespective of your being blocked.
Remember that checking out for delivery notifications only works for the iMessage app, not iPhones. Also, this trick will not work with Android. If tried on the same, the iPhone will not show delivery prompts.
Another method to identify the block/unblock state is by the “Read” indication on iMessage. If you send a text message to a person and the result says “Read” along with the timing, the respective person does not block you.
On the contrary, if you don’t see a “Read” notification, the person has turned off the settings on their device, and you might not be blocked.
You do not need to panic if you receive automated text responses or messages. Fortunately, this is good news! Why do you receive autogenerated text messages? If the other person has enabled Do Not Disturb Mode or Driving Focus Mode on their device, you will receive an automated response to your recent message saying that the other person is unavailable or can’t respond to it right now.
In this case, you are not blocked. These messages don’t go to the numbers that have been blocked. Talking about Do Not Disturb Mode, if the person has enabled it, you will see a moon icon alongside the messages conversation or above the text space. This indicates that your number is not blocked.
Don’t hesitate when your messages fail to deliver to the person. This is a widespread belief among the general masses that a “Not Delivered” error means the opponent has blocked you! However, this is not true! The prompt means the message didn’t reach the person you sent it to.
In this case, try to enable SMS texts on your iPhone. This will help automatically send the failed text again, or you can manually resend it. However, irrespective of the iMessage, if your SMS messages fail to receive a reply, it means you are blocked.
If you are searching for a person, whether they have blocked you or not, they will also reach out to block you on social media platforms or other third-party applications. Check on such messaging apps and confirm your block/unblock status. These apps indicate that you are blocked, meaning your iPhone number is blocked too.
That’s it. These were the solutions ensuring that your number has been blocked. It is faithful to note that the person might have accidentally blocked you, which may not be intentional. Check out the ways thoroughly to know if someone has blocked you, and let us know if that helps you out.
What is your opinion on blocking? Do you ever experience it with your close ones? Are there any other ways to figure out if someone has blocked you? Let us know in the comments section below. We hope the above information is sufficient for you to reasonably state your block condition on your iPhone number or iMessage app. Stay connected for more cool guides!
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