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Do you realize that any ordinary individual looks at their mobile phone an average of 344 times a day? That is one of the reasons why SMS Marketing UK never fails. Most people look at their phone within 10 minutes of rising. It emphasizes that individuals keep their phones near them and are always ready to be used for locating data or monitoring the newest social media postings. In addition, the rate at which messages are opened greatly surpasses that of email – 98% compared to a mere 20%. 
While mobile advertising is successful, the only method to avoid all the static and acquire a satisfactory return on investment is if your advertisement is optimized for mobile and makes it to the user’s inbox. Weak, mobile-oriented approaches lead to conversions, customers, and revenue loss. SMS marketing is waiting for you to exploit its full potential.
Here is how and why one should relook at SMS marketing for generating revenue. 
Text messages are almost always opened immediately upon being sent, a vast contrast to emails and PPC ads which generally boast a less impressive open and CTR rate. Despite the numerous advantages of text message marketing, it is essential to gain a customer’s written consent before any messaging. Many services provide customers the capability to opt-in or out directly from their mobile devices. Moreover, the engagement numbers achieved through text messages have been known to far surpass those of Instagram.
With myriad text message marketing platforms, you can control your entire campaign with your desktop. Discover a service that can give you in-depth data analytics, allowing you to trace each stage in the process of conversion, ranging from the original message delivery and opening. Numerous SMS Marketing Platforms feature analytics, meaning you can trace clicks, all the way to the money generated from abandoned carts.
With text message advertising, gathering feedback from your customers is as easy as pressing the ‘reply’ button or clicking the included link in the message.
Mobile marketing is a quick process; you press “send” and your message is distributed instantly. An SMS-based marketing campaign can yield a large amount of traffic within a short period.
By utilizing text messages through your mobile phone, you can tailor the message for a more personalized touch. Companies use language such as “friends” and “yours” for enhanced effect. Using “you” and “I” is a technique regularly employed to create involvement. Many firms also adeptly use regional events applicable to the person receiving the message.
The possibilities of SMS advertising are boundless. The messages can be tailored to everyone, guiding them towards engaging games that offer exclusive discounts, all while keeping track of their every move throughout the conversion process.
The realm of mobile texting strategies is vast and varied. But do not be intimidated, you might already be familiar with some of these techniques if you have previously executed social media promotions and contests. A few examples of these tactics include distributing coupons, boosting website visitors, or captivating your audience with entertaining and straightforward games.
To safeguard your deals from opportunistic non-subscribers, it’s significant to take a proactive approach by creating unique coupon codes. By doing so, you can be sure that only those who have subscribed to your services will have access to your exclusive deals. This is a crucial step to protecting your business and ensuring your loyal subscribers receive the benefits they deserve. So be sure to take the time to fashion one-of-a-kind coupon codes tailored to your specific audience and marketing goals.
Automated messages, known as drip campaigns, are a quintessential aspect of marketing automation. These messages are sent automatically, based on specific factors, such as the duration of a user’s association with a brand. The beauty of this approach lies in the ability to tailor triggers and responses to each individual’s status, creating a personalized experience for every user.
Allow your customers to express their opinions using polls. By simply texting a keyword, they can cast their vote and make their voices heard. Utilizing this service enables you to gather responses over a designated period and conveniently view the results through an online dashboard. Graphical representations of the responses are also available for easy visualization.
By utilizing a specific keyword, it is possible to have customers enroll themselves in sweepstakes via text messaging. It is a conventional method of promoting products or services. As a result, you can choose winners from those who opt-in or award a smaller prize to everyone who texts the designated keyword. Additionally, this technique provides the opportunity for cross-promotions.
Using multiple channels to segment subscribers is a smart move instead of relying on a single avenue. Text message advertising and Facebook Ads are both effective in isolation, but combining them can yield even better results.
For a seamless SMS campaign integration, Facebook’s lead ads are worth exploring. These ads can help you gather valuable data and information, paving the way for a substantial subscriber base.

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