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Are you looking for some ways to download text messages from iPhone to computer or another mobile device? Most of people download text messages for backup in case of water damage, broken, disabled, or locked devices. And some people download text messages from iPhone for court as evidence.
Can you really download text messages from an iPhone? If you’re like them and also are desperate to know how to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer for free, don’t worry. This article will cover 7 reliable ways to save text messages from iPhone to computer, USB drive, external hard drive, or mobile device.
Solutions at a glance:
To learn how to download text messages from iPhone in these ways step by step, read on for more information.
unnamed 2 1
Have you ever tried a third-party iPhone data transfer software to back up or download text messages and iMessage conversation from iPhone to Windows PC or Mac? If it’s one of your alternatives, you might as well try EaseUS MobiMover.
This reliable EaseUS program is able to:
🔸back up messages from iPhone to PC with dates and times
🔸export iPhone text messages to a PDF file and HTML page so people can print them out for court use or other purposes.
🔸download text messages from iPhone
🔸restore messages in .pdf from PC to iPhone (saved into the Books app)
In addition to messages transfer, this iOS data transfer tool enables users to transfer, back up, and restore more than 90% of iPhone data, including photos, videos, audio recordings, app data, contacts, text messages, file attachments, etc.
unnamed 3 1
If you’re interested, follow the steps below to learn how to use this application to download text messages and iMessages from iPhone:
Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and connect it to your computer with a USB cable. Launch EaseUS MobiMover. Tap “Trust” when a prompt appears on your iPhone asking you whether to trust this computer or not. After a proper connection, choose “Phone to PC” and click “Next”.
unnamed 12
Step 2.  As you can see from the below screenshot, you can copy items like audio, pictures, videos, contacts and other files types from iPhone to your computer all at once. To copy messages, you can customize a location to save the messages in advance. Tick the Messages icon and click “Transfer”.
unnamed 2 4
Step 3. Now it begins copying messages from your iPhone. The items will be stored as an HTML file on your computer, thus you can view the details with any browser you have.
unnamed 13
💡Note: If you just want to download some of the text messages or iMessages instead of all the messages data, you can select the messages from the “Browse & Transfer” sidebar menu to download to computer.
In addition to exporting text messages from iphone to PDF, the messages would also saved as a HTML page with EaseUS MobiMover. You should try this versatile and reliable iPhone text message transfer tool, if you really want to convert iPhone messages to PDF with a date and time stamp or just back up messages to avoid data loss.
When you need to download and transfer some essential SMS messages from one conversation on your iPhone, the easiest way is to using Email. You can send these texts by emailing yourself without efforts.
To export iPhone text messages by Email:
Step 1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone and find the conversations that you want to download.
Step 2. Long-press one of the text message that you want to transfer. In the pop-up box below, select “More”.
unnamed 4 1
Step 3. Then you can tick the other texts on this conversation.
Step 4. When you’re done, tap the “Forward” icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
unnamed 5 1
Step 5. Then you can type a phone number or a email address to send the text messages.
unnamed 6 1
💡Note: In this way, you can only download texts from one conversation. If you tend to back up all the texts data, try EaseUS MobiMover.
Apart from forwarding texts from the Messages app, you can also get copies of SMS messages from iPhone through screenshots. This is an unusual but convenient way to save text messages as screenshots ans then you can transfer the photos easily.
Here’s how to take screenshots on iPhone to save messages:
Step 1. Find the text messages on your iPhone.
Step 2. Take screenshots as follows:
unnamed 7 1
Have you ever thought about using iCloud to sync the messages data? It’s quite easy to back up text messages and iMessages data to the official cloud service.
Now follow the simple steps to back up messages to iCloud:
Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > [Your name] > iCloud.
Step 2. Then scroll down to find the Messages app. Turn on the toggle next to Messages.
unnamed 8 1
💡Note: iCloud only offers 5 GB of free storage for backup for each Apple account. Make sure there are available space to back up your messages in iCloud before proceeding with this method.
If you have a Mac computer, you can also download text messages from iPhone to Mac for backup. Unlike iCloud with limited free storage, Mac’s storage is huge and enough to store some messages.
Here’s how to sync messages on Mac:
Step 1. Launch the built-in Messages app on your Mac and sign in.
Step 2. Wait all the messages to load and sync now.
Step 3. Once you select messages to be saved on Mac, click “File” > “Print” in the menu bar.
Step 4. And then select “Save as PDF” to download iPhone texts messages on your Mac.
unnamed 9 1
It’s a good idea to send and receive text messages from iPhone to other Apple devices that is belong to you. If you enable this feature, then you don’t need to download messages from iPhone to iPad, or Mac manually.
Perform the steps below to learn how to forward messages to another Apple device:
Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.
Step 2. Then select an Apple device to send and receive text messages from your iPhone.
unnamed 10 1
💡Note: If you have an issue with Text Message Forwarding not showing up on iPhone, it may be because your iMessages don’t use your Apple ID. And you can go to Settings > Messages, toggle off “iMessage” and on, and then tap Send & Receive > Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.
As a lat resort, I’d like to introduce how to use iTunes to back up text messages to PC. With iTunes, you can make a full backup for your iPhone data (including the Messages app data). While it’s not the best option for downloading text messages from iPhone backup, it does work.
Here’s how to download text messages from iPhone to PC using iTunes:
Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable.
Step 2. Once you “trust” your computer, click the “Device” icon in iTunes.
Step 3. Under the “Summary” sidebar, select “This computer” as the storage location.
Step 4. Then click “Back Up Now” and follow the on-screen instructions.
unnamed 11 1
It’s quite simple to back up iPhone with iTunes, but where can you find the iTunes Backup on your computer and how to view and export messages from iTunes backup?
Actually, you can navigate to: Users(username)AppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup to find the iTunes backup on your Windows PC. While on a Mac computer instead, the iTunes backup should be stored in “~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/”.
In this post, I’ve presented 7 effective ways to download text messages from iPhone. It is strongly recommended to use EaseUS MobiMover to download some or all of the text messages from iPhone to a Windows or a Mac computer. Anyway, choose one method above to extract text messages based on your own needs.
Have any other doubts? For more information about text messages downloading, check the frequently asked questions below.
First, it is recommended to save the text messages that you need as a PDF file. If you have a Mac, then you can follow the methods above to sync messages on your Mac and download them as .pdf file. If you don’t have a Mac, you can download and install EaseUS MobiMover which also enables you export messages as .pdf file. Then you can print text messages easily.
First, text messages can be used on every mobile phone and tablet, while iMessages are only available on Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.
Second, iMessage texts adopt end-to-end encryption that regular SMS texts don’t.
Third, iMessages includes texts, photos,videos, stickers and other media files), while common messages only appear as texts.
Once you convert your text messages from iPhone to a pdf file, then you can restore it to your Books app on iPhone via EaseUS MobiMover or other third-party software.
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