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But with some limitations
As the default messaging app on some of the best Android phones, Google Messages is crucial for everyday communication. It can handle both conventional SMS/MMS and the more refined RCS standard, making it suitable to connect with practically anyone with a phone number. In its bid to improve user experience, Messages has received advanced AI features like Magic Compose in beta, helping users jot down quick replies. The chat app is now picking up animated emoji, albeit with some restrictions.
Sending standard emoji is already possible in Messages. But the inclusion of animated emoji spices things up a little. However, it seems like animations only work when you send one emoji. So using more than one emoji or even a combination of text and emoji doesn't appear to trigger the animation.
But on the bright side, it does apply to a whole lot of emoji currently available on your keyboard, making texts livelier. The inclusion of emoji animations within Messages was first discovered by Reddit user BruthaBeige and subsequently posted on the Google Messages subreddit.
Separately, Android expert Mishaal Rahman also appears to have received a tip on the new visual addition, with a user in the replies later confirming its existence. However, the feature doesn't seem to be live for everyone, so it's likely a region-restricted rollout at the moment.
There are still some unknowns right now, including the ones we pointed out above. But we expect Google to provide all the relevant information on animated emoji when it's available for all Messages users. Among the recent additions to the app is a new badge for RCS chats while Google also expanded direct replies for users of the web version of Messages.
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