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Leading enterprise messaging enabler Soprano on content, control, and compliance
Last Edited: June 23, 2023
Simon Wright
Technology Journalist
Always-on, mobile-first – call it what you like but one thing is for sure: the world is constantly on the move. 
That means consumers no longer have the time nor the inclination to communicate by calling only; much less calling only during certain hours. 
For enterprises unable to provide these most modern of choices, delivering a frictionless user experience is a challenge that is hard to overcome. Add-in the need for organisations in many sectors, such as financial services and healthcare, to communicate effectively and securely, and it’s easy to see why the technologically-powerful, securely-compliant, all-in-one-place Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is increasingly the answer. 
Only by centralising omnichannel communication can an organisation cover every base. Whether for delivering content-rich mass marketing campaigns via SMS or MMS, or for facilitating personal, data-sensitive interaction via voice, email, chatbot, or third-party messaging apps, CPaaS solutions make it all simple, slick and secure. 
For end user organisations and/or their technology partners, picking the right provider is key. 
“Enterprises and organisations of all kinds are rightly on a digital transformation journey designed to provide a high-quality and engaging communication experience for customers and employees – deploying a robust and feature-rich CPaaS must be at the very heart of that process,” says Asha Potla, Director of Product Managements, Enterprise Messaging, at leading provider Soprano, whose Soprano Connect platform ticks all the boxes. 
“The platform must provide a total solution; tailor-made with the security, policy controls, compliance, unique insights and system agility required for responding to today’s modern communication challenges.” 
In the case of Soprano Connect, government agencies and large banks around the world are attracted in particular to its in-built security and anti-fraud functionality, and the ability to seamlessly manage their omni-channel communications in a multi-departmental scenario.  
“It helps those organisations detect and prevent fraud,” says Potla. 
“Before they send out a message, they can get a fair idea of the risk score and then decide whether they want to go ahead or whether they want to hold off.  We also recently added spam content detection where the platform can automatically detect URL content or certain SPAM keywords within an SMS message and, depending on user preferences, either block the message or send with a warning. Either way, customers get notified if potential SPAM content detected in their outbound messages.” 
“Then there is content masking, where, for example, the content of a message is either fully or partially redacted, such as in the case of an account number or one-time password (OTP).” 
Brilliantly, Soprano Connect enables users to self-manage those security and compliance policies via an easy-to-use administrator dashboard. And an omnichannel API can be triggered to specify which preferences are applied to which communication channel. 
“The platform supports multi-hierarchical, multi-level account management,” says Potla. 
“Users can have a parent account or a main customer account, under which they can have sub accounts, and sub accounts within sub accounts representing multi-departmental set-up in an organisation. User dashboards will show how many messages have been sent by a particular user and via a particular channel. That information can then be analysed and used to help understand the effectiveness and efficiency of communications that went out from multiple departments and/or cost centres.”.” 
It’s all about enhancing user experience for the customer and the agent. 
“We have made major investments in improving security, compliance and policy control; how we manage the consent management options (opt-in and opt-out); how we manage the communication preferences; how we manage the orders, the schedule, the reporting, the analytics,” says Potla. 
“Simplicity is key for the person making contact as well as the agents processing those interactions.” 
No surprise, then, that Soprano is a CPaaS market leader working with thousands of the world’s leading organisations in varied markets, industries, and product categories worldwide. 
Crucially, it is ISO 27001:2013 certified and one of the world’s most secure automated messaging platforms. 
To learn more about how its expert and insightful advice can help your and your customers’ businesses create valuable communication experiences, click here.
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