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CloudHesive, an [A mazon Web Services (AWS) __title__ Amazon Web service (AWS)]Premier Tier Services Partner, announced today that it has achieved the AWS Service Ready designation for Amazon Connect. This designation verifies that CloudHesive's Amazon Connect software solution follows architectural and operational best practices, is being actively used by customers in production environments, and customers are enthusiastically advocating for the solution.
The customer experience (CX) and contact center space are constantly evolving. To keep pace with these expectations, more businesses are investing in modern technology to optimize and automate processes and provide increasingly personalized experiences while staying ahead of customer expectations. This often requires customers to take an enhanced approach to their contact center technology stack to meet ever-changing demands. With Amazon Connect at the core of these current and future contact center technology investments, Amazon Connect Service Ready Partners specialize in providing vetted solutions in the areas of analytics and reporting, omnichannel customer experience, customer relationship management, outbound communications, and workforce engagement. Current and future Amazon Connect customers may look to CloudHesive, and more specifically ConnectPath, with high degree of confidence in the interoperability of their solutions.
The Amazon Connect Service Ready Partner designation is the way to differentiate AWS Partners that have invested and engineered their solutions while demonstrating the ability to deploy and operationalize these solutions repeatedly, at scale. Finally, and most importantly, they have a list of customers that have successfully deployed the solution on AWS.
CloudHesive is proud to achieve the Amazon Connect Service Ready Partner designation,” said Patrick Hannah, Chief Technology Officer. “Our team is dedicated to helping companies achieve their business transformation goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides through our ConnectPath platform.”
AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Service Ready Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.
ConnectPath CX, the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform powered by Amazon Connect, is quickly becoming known as a notable CCaaS solution. ConnectPath CX comes with a variety of pre-built service capabilities, including messaging (SMS, MMS, WhatsApp), voice, email, and other omni-channel customer touchpoints. The platform is designed to assist businesses of all sizes in improving customer interactions and driving overall customer satisfaction by harnessing the capabilities of Amazon Connect and other AWS services. The ConnectPath CX platform boosts time-to-value, efficiency, and overall customer experience by offering seamless omnichannel support, automation, personalized interactions, and real-time information.
The agent and supervisor interface in ConnectPath is simple to use and can be installed globally in minutes.
ConnectPath, an offering by CloudHesive offers great customer care and 24/7 managed support. With a team of more than 100 Amazon Connect Ambassadors and experienced specialists working closely with customers to understand their specific needs and design solutions that produce results. This degree of customized attention and support distinguishes CloudHesive and ConnectPath CX in the market.
An example of how ConnectPath can help customers to improve their CX is Prince William County, that deployed Amazon Connect and ConnectPath CX. Prince William County implemented the ConnectPath and Amazon Connect solution, and as their needs expanded beyond a single team, they continued to expand the platform to include additional divisions. The solution implemented included custom integration and features developed in the ConnectPath platform specifically for the use case of Prince William County. ConnectPath was able to support PWC by responding to specific feature requests and proactively releasing features aligned with local government needs. The solution also allowed the customer to make better use of AWS services in order to better serve their customers.
“Prince William County has exclusively used ConnectPath CX as our Amazon Connect UI for well over a year. We currently have a dozen Amazon Connect contact centers integrated to ConnectPath. The support that CloudHesive provides is world class. They are always engaged and work every trouble ticket to completion, no matter how trivial. As an example of their level of commitment to their customers, we experienced a speech path issue. Even after determining the issue was not introduced by their product, they continued to stay engaged and provide guidance that ultimately helped to resolve the issue. The developers of ConnectPath are fantastic to work with and open to suggestions for product enhancement. They truly care about delivering a product that exceeds customer expectations.”
About CloudHesive – CloudHesive is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with offices in Denver, Colorado, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile. We are a customer-obsessed organization and are driven by delivering innovative cloud solutions to our customers. Our customers look to us as leaders in the migration, securing, and managing of mission-critical workloads on the cloud. These platforms include niche business solutions built on top of Amazon Connect, Amazon Workspaces, and our next-generation managed services offering, while our Centricity platform helps to decrease ‘time to cloud’ for our customer base. CloudHesive is focused on driving incremental value to our customers and helping them in successful adoption of Cloud. For more information, please visit
About ConnectPath CX – ConnectPath CX is an omni-channel Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform that leverages Amazon Connect and AWS to provide a next-generation contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution. ConnectPath CX offers businesses a range of agent engagement tools, including multiple communication options, customer data management, internal resource management tools and analytics. ConnectPath CX platform helps to decrease time to migrate a contact center to the cloud and increases the features and functionality provided to our customer base contact center users. CloudHesive is focused on driving incremental value to our customers and helping them successfully migrate to cloud based technologies. For more information, please visit

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