Clever tech hack: How to text from your PC or Mac – Komando
If you’re not getting texts on your computer, I’m about to change your life. It makes replying to your aunt’s 500-word text essay or your kid’s money bag emoji much easier. Most of us type so much faster on a real keyboard.
You can do it on Windows and Mac. Let me walk you through it.
iMessage is Apple’s messaging service tied to your Apple ID — the same login info you use in the App Store, iTunes Store and iCloud. It’s simple to send texts, SMS messages, and even FaceTime from your Mac or iPad.
If you haven’t set up iMessage, enter your Apple ID info and hit Sign in. To start a new conversation:
If you use an Android, there’s a good chance you use the Messages by Google app to send and receive texts. Update the latest version of Messages on your phone, then set this up right in your browser.
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📧 You can also send a text via email if none of those options cut it. Get the steps here, along with the special codes for each provider.
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