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What motivations are in the system? Oh, yeah… that’s totally logical. You should stop allowing that (betting). That’d solve it. Turn a game back into a game.
The Romans gambled on fights in the colosseum, also ancient Greece as well.
I don’t think the concept of competitive sport has existed without gambling alongside it.
Why bother with it if you can’t benefit from an outcome?
I totally agree. That was what I said.
Cycling was shown that everybody was doping.
Chess had an alleged cheating scandal.
Tennis now has their own fixing scandal.
What else are we gonna find? Bowlers are corking their balls? Billiard players on the take? Lumberjack competitors using juiced saws?
if only the people so obsessed with this topic actually cared about women’s sports instead of using them as a cudgel for cultural grievances
If only people with penises would stick to the sporting events designated for people with penises…

You forgot men dominating in women’s sporting events.

You forgot men dominating in women’s sporting events.
I have not seen any men participating in women’s sports that were wearing black leather, high heels, and carrying whips.
Wrong kind of dominating?
Match-fixing was done in professional sumo
Not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but the regulating body of professional snooker just handled down several multi-year bans/suspensions for several Chinese players due to match fixing. And there have always been allegations against other players like John Higgins, etc.
I was being a little pithy but it really is a pattern I’ve noticed
Thank you for the snooker info as it’s a game I looked into after watching a video of Ronnie O’Sullivan on Youtube and it’s one of these things thats a much bigger deal in England so was interesting to look into. I thought there might be shenanigans as it seems like there is a big betting market behind it over there.
After reading the summary, all I can think about is that Seinfeld episode where Bob Cobb, who conducted the Policement Benevolence Association Orchestra, kept insisting that everyone call him “Maestro” all the time.
US sports leagues have recently climbed in bed with the online gambling industry. The draftkings ads are everywhere.
If this can happen in tennis it can happen in baseball, basketball, football and hockey. The last thing they need is another blacksox scandal.
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