Cdiscount Mobile Offers Discount on 150GB 5G Mobile Plan – Clayton County Register

Cdiscount Mobile, a virtual mobile network operator, is offering a €7 discount on its 150GB 5G mobile plan, reducing the price to €12.99 per month instead of €19.99 per month. This offer provides users with a generous 150GB data allowance for 5G usage, including 19GB of additional data to be used in 30 European destinations and 8 overseas destinations.
In addition, whether in France or these zones, calls and SMS/MMS are unlimited. This is a contract-free mobile plan that also allows users to keep their current phone number for free. And if subscribed now, the triple-cut SIM card is available for only €1 instead of €10.
The benefits of this plan include 150GB of mobile internet in mainland France, 19GB of additional mobile internet from the EU and overseas destinations, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from the EU and overseas destinations, access to the 5G network of Bouygues Telecom, and a triple-cut SIM card for €1.
For those who have better coverage with the SFR network, the MVNO Coriolis Telecom also offers a 150GB 5G plan for €12.99 per month on the SFR 5G network.


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