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Apple’s exclusive messaging app, iMessage, allows you to send an iMessage, SMS, or MMS message from any Apple device. If you have ever wondered why some messages appear in green and some in blue, keep reading as we discuss the differences and tips on resolving iMessage sending issues.
A green text bubble indicates the message has been sent as an ordinary SMS/MMS message. A blue text bubble confirms that your message has been sent to another Apple user.
There are a few reasons why a message sent may be green.
Short message service (SMS) is the traditional text messaging method that sends and receives messages via a cellular signal. In contrast, iMessage is an Apple-exclusive messaging service that sends messages using data or Wi-Fi.
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of iMessage vs SMS.
Check out the fixes below to resolve the error message Cannot Send Message. iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message.
The message suggests that the iMessage app may not be enabled, so let’s start there. Here’s how to enable the iMessage app.
Although this doesn’t happen often, there could be a problem with the iMessage servers to prevent messages from being sent. Visit the Apple System Status page to verify whether this is the case.
The problem could be a network connection issue. Try resetting the network settings on your phone. Here’s how.
Still no joy? Don’t worry, as there are a few more options to try.
For some reason, the iMessage app may have gone to sleep. Try waking it up again with a reset.
As a last resort, consider erasing all your content and settings from storage. Reset all your iPhone settings to set it up as new using your iCloud backup.
Your iPhone will restart with all the contents and settings erased. You’ll then have the option to set it up as new or restore it from a backup. To set it up as new, you’ll have an opportunity to follow the onscreen setup instructions.
If you’re still having problems sending iMessages, please contact Apple support.
The difference between green and blue texts is whether the message is encrypted. Blue messages are encrypted, as they stay on the iMessage Apple servers while SMS/MMS messages do not. Other reasons why a message sent from your iPhone appears green could include problems with the iMessage app or the iMessage server. Either way, there are several options to get the issue resolved.
What do you enjoy most about the iMessage app? What additional features do you think Apple could include to improve it? Share your ideas in the comments section below.
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