Apple Fixes Zero-Day Bugs Used To Plant Pegasus Spyware – Slashdot

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I guess I needed a slashdot chuckle at the end of the week. Thanks for the dup.

two zero-day exploits — meaning hacking techniques that were unknown at the time Apple found out about them

two zero-day exploits — meaning hacking techniques that were unknown at the time Apple found out about them
It makes total sense, that the hacking techniques weren’t known, before they were known.
On the other hand, if Pegasus was exploiting these, clearly *somebody* knew about them.
Interesting how these exploits appear. Some of them so arcane nobody in a hundred years would find them on their own.
Yet these cell phone hacking companies seem to have an endless supply of them so their product always works. Somehow.
Surely these aren’t zero day any more…
Also, running an offensive cyber programme makes you tend to think its ok to hold out on vulnerabilities to secure an advantage.
Really, any kind of offensive cyber capability is to the detriment of EVERYONE.
Looking at you, five eyes.
That’d be an insightful point in a universe where this is a back door intentionally inserted into the software.
If Lockdown Mode was able to protect against this, you can bet your left nut that it was another iMessage attack.
If so also just disabling iMessage would have protected against this (this is not the first time they’ve used this same hole against iPhones to plant Pegasus). I personally disabled it as soon as I switched to iPhone.
Did the security OS update for both my personal and work-issued iPhones yesterday.
Did the update one phone at-a-time. Had to enable wifi on them first, then each took roughly an hour (or a little less) to complete the update.
Once updated, I switched wifi back off: I just use them for voice and texting.
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