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Have you been seeing 2:22 on clocks, 222 on license plates or $2.22 on receipts lately? You could be receiving a message.
Spiritual practitioners believe that series of repeating digits — like 111, 222, 333 and so on — are signs from a higher power. These are known as angel numbers. In some cases, these sequences can be a sign of good luck, while other numbers can signify a call to action.
Here’s what a series of 2’s could mean for your life.
Sequences of repeating digits are often referred to as “angel numbers” in astrology and are believed to be messages from higher powers, according to numerology expert Novalee Wilder.
Angel numbers can be repeating patterns spotted throughout your life, as well, Wilder noted, such as seeing three black cats in a row.
If you spot a series of twos, it likely means that good things are on the way, according to TODAY’s resident astrologist Lisa Stardust.
In astrology, twos are typically a sign of harmony, balance and partnership, Stardust said, calling the sighting a “really good omen.”
Because twos naturally give a dualistic energy, Wilder said that this particular angel number could indicate a relationship is coming into your life if you’re single, or that you should be paying closer attention to the partnerships currently in your life.
Add it all up, and keywords for 222 include partnership, harmony, balance, commitment and compromise.
Seeing 222 is likely sending a message to focus your attention on your heart connections, meaning friendships, romantic relationships and family ties, according to Wilder.
However, she noted that twos do not signify brief connections or everyday encounters. The angel numbers are referring to the deep (and sometimes challenging) connections in your life, and likely those that you’ve been thinking about lately or causing some heartache.
Twos do not carry a heavy energy, though, Wilder said, adding that it’s rather fun and playful. Your angels could be inviting you to let go and take things lightly.
“Could this be easier?” Wilder invited people to ask themselves about their relationships. “Could you have fun with this? Have you forgotten to have fun in this relationship? Have you forgotten the lightness of it?”
Stardust said she tends to equate two energy specifically to the Two of Cups card in tarot, which is about two people coming together to “strike harmony and balance to work cooperatively together.”
If you’re seeing twos all over the place, try to relinquish control of a situation and trust the process. According to Wilder, the message is less about controlling a relationship and more about taking it as an invitation for change and improvement.
For friendships, Wilder suggested trying out a fun, new activity as opposed to falling into old habits. Say If you find yourself constantly gossiping with a friend and it’s bringing negative energy into your life, try an activity that brings excitement and positivity.
In a romantic relationship, lean into cultivating a sense of fun. Wilder advised to not make dates too serious, but rather spend time doing something light-hearted. Rather than concentrating on finding the spark again, act with generosity and have fun. You’ll make the spark yourself.
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