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Integrating SMS text messaging into Microsoft Dynamics is important for brands looking to create better customer engagement to drive retention.
TrueDialog, an SMS leader, explains the benefits on how a true, native Microsoft Dynamics SMS text messaging integration can help attain those results faster. The highest ROI MS Dynamics integrations are typically built using Microsoft Development Tools and operate seamlessly within ones existing IT infrastructure. In the same way, a true native SMS integration offers an array of enterprise-grade features built for scale and reliability and operates inside ones existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 database.
4 Benefits of Native Microsoft Dynamics Integration
1) Ease of Use With a native integration, on-boarding and training times are significantly reduced. Since thereÕs no need for additional accounts or logins users already familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM3 ecosystem can take full advantage of native SMS integrations from ones CRM dashboard immediately. Native integrations bypass the steep learning curve often associated with implementing third-party solutions and make ones organization more efficient.
2) Enhanced Security Another benefit of native SMS integration is enhanced security and better control over data access. Built for large organizations, enterprise-grade SMS texting features make system administration easier. Because they use the same security protocols as other Microsoft applications, data security breaches or containment issues are minimized. Most importantly, data never resides on questionable third-party servers. On-premise MS Dynamics installations utilize local data processing and storage servers while cloud- based setups reside on Microsoft’s trusted, ultra-secure network. Administrators rest easy knowing critical data is protected and always available.
3) Improved Performance Native apps (built using Microsoft Development Tools) share the same legendary performance and uptime associated with traditional Microsoft products. Because native applications live entirely within the users Dynamics 365 instance, they’re naturally more efficient and less susceptible to problems. Businesses that use native, cloud-based SMS Integrations have higher reliability and since native apps exist within their specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, database updates are never needed between them and outside vendors. If the Microsoft Dynamics database is operational, their data is accessible. However, to take full advantage of these capabilities, one must choose a cloud-based SMS text messaging provider with a native text messaging integration. Ideally, an enterprise-grade platform with similar uptime and performance metrics as those of their Dynamics 365 database.
4) Compatibility and Extended Functionality Because they’re built with the same software development platforms, native MS Dynamics apps integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft products and services. With so many powerful API and customization features, system configuration options are virtually endless. One can connect freely with other Microsoft Core Services or create custom solutions of their own knowing that compatibility won’t be an issue in their CRM environment.
Partnering with an SMS Text Messaging vendor who supports cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 installations offers even more possibilities. Like taking advantage of Microsoft’s powerful, cloud-only custom integrations and smart reporting functions (powered by machine learning).
TrueDialog is the perfect solution for enterprise-grade SMS texting capabilities. Their five-star-rated platform includes an ISO 9001 database, direct carrier connections, 99.9% uptime and true native Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. For businesses serious about implementing an enterprise-grade MS Dynamics text messaging solution to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale, TrueDialog is an ideal solution. One of their key features enables seamless texting with both Short Codes and Long Codes all combined in the same thread, so businesses can send mass text messages and then effortlessly engage in one-to-one texting conversations at scale.
Unlike many other solutions, TrueDialog has invested in building direct carrier connections which eliminate the middleman and provide its customers with two huge benefits: 1) improved deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on third parties, and 2) a lower cost structure which allows TrueDialog to price its service significantly lower than the competition.
To experience TrueDialog’s native Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and how easy it is to text with customers and boost business, TrueDialog offers a free trial.
About TrueDialog
Headquartered in Austin, TX, TrueDialog is the premier messaging platform that creates better customer connections. From 1:1 SMS communications, to mass text messages, or multi-user, team-based customer support, TrueDialog enables all these solutions at scale. TrueDialog is API-centric, with native SFDC and MS Dynamics implementations. And with 99.9% uptime and direct carrier connections, TrueDialog gives businesses the reliability they need and enables them to cut costs. For more information, visit


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